Staff Vetting across social platforms and the Dark Web

Staff Vetting is an important part of the Education Recruitment and Staff Maintenance process; protecting the reputation of Schools and protecting their students. It is instrumental in establishing trust, meeting compliance requirements and safeguarding all.
In today’s world, most organisations will be active on social media and online in some way. Vetting is conducted during both the recruitment process and social media & online vetting of employees during the employment period.

How it works

1. Register

Register yourself alongside the school or company.

2. Vetting request

Please provide the details of the person to investigate and make the relevant payment.

3. Response

Our systems will respond within several days as all social media channels linked to that user are assessed.

4. Report

The report, featuring the findings of the assessment will be held in your DS Vetting account.

You will be notified by email when this is done. 

Features and Benefits

The purpose of this service is to give employers an objective view of employee and candidate activity online. It can be used as part of an overall HR strategy to ensure employees comply with their contract of employment and Staff Handbook and protect reputational damage to the organisation.

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The following features are included in the services:
  • Preventing brand and reputation damage to the employer
  • Demonstrating any undesirable characteristics in online activity
  • Highlighting support or involvement in illegal activities
  • Identifying connections to proscribed organisations, terrorist groups, lobbies, advocates and / or activist groups
  • Finding adverse media or news reports and breaches to company policy
  • Outlining the leaking or potential of leaking confidential information, impact on client relations and exposure to bribery, corruption or fraud
These are the benefits of using the services:
  • Covers most social media platforms including Dark Web activities
  • Profiles users, channels, and content. Provides R-A-G status to quickly identify problematic accounts
  • DS Voice provides flags for key words and phrases across potentially hundreds of hours of video
  • DS Voice provides forensic examination of voice files
What does the Report proivde?
  • A PDF report which highlights any flagged areas of activity
  • A map of social networks used by the Subect under assessment


Who are DS-Compliance?

Online Security &
Compliance Experts

Leadership stems from the top down. The impetus to grow successful business is stimulated by senior and proven leaders. DS Compliance is built on the collective strength and extensive experience of the team in cyber security and compliance fields. DS Compliance was founded by senior management who led teams at KPMG, PWC and BT making us the perfect solution for Cyber Security.

The DS-Compliance difference:
business results and competitive advantage by the delivery of cyber resilience.

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