Vetting Request

If your school or organisation is signed up to DS Vetting and has made the relevant payment, please submit the Subject access (vetting) request. The more information known about the Subject, the more thorough the search.

For bulk uploads (5 or more Subjects) to be assessed in one session, please contact the team at i[email protected].

You need to be registered and logged in to make a vetting request for a subject.

Getting Started

In this context the main user will be an admin or senior leadership team member.

Please use only your organisation emails to sign up

No vetting requests will be sent to the end subject nor any other third parties

How it works

1. Register

Register yourself alongside the school or company.

2. Vetting request

Please provide the details of the person to investigate and make the relevant payment.

3. Response

Our systems will respond within several days as all social media channels linked to that user are assessed.

4. Report

The report, featuring the findings of the assessment will be held in your DS Vetting account.

You will be notified by email when this is done.